Our easiest and most stable single-seater trike in the range, ideal for teaching. It is sold with a dedicated motor and its protective cage that can host propellers up to 150 cm.
It is possible to apply Fly Products range paramotors to it and also to adapt models from other manufacturers. The frame is constructed of aluminum and steel. The shock absorber system consists of two flexible ergal bars in the rear, and the front wheel is equipped with our elastic E.T.C. In planning this trike we paid special attention to stability on the ground; the very low center of gravity forgives errors during takeoff and landing. The special cradle structure and the position of the glider attachment point allow this trike to remain stable on the ground on all three wheels.

The Vertigo trike is intended for all pilots who want to choose their own type of flying without giving up From PPG flying with foot launch to single-seat trike flying, thanks to the possibility of installing the PPG on the trike frame. For those who want to fly exclusively with the trike, it is possible to choose the version with the engine installed directly on the frame.

The weight without engine is 36kg.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
We make attention to detail  our strength
The easy removal frame, developed especially for this trike, fixes on three attachment points. Its strength lies in the speed of assembly and disassembly.
It is equipped as standard with a removable kickstand
to facilitate assembly and disassembly
Recommended engine mounts.
Moster 185 with easy removal or PPG, Cosmos 300 and Thor 303 with dedicated engine frame.
Motore 1

Special attention was paid to the development of our “React” throttle. The shutdown button is easily accessible when needed, but the shape of the body prevents its accidental shutdowns. Also equipped with a start button where required, it has a convenient mirror to check the remaining range el fuel during flight phases. The ergonomics are designed in order to allow constant control of both throttle and glider.


The Vertigo, as well as the Xenit can mount an extra protective cage, ideal for schools. It is also equipped with a safety system for those approaching trike flying. The lever at the bottom turns off the engine when the trike begins to elevate off the ground; this allows students to focus on controlling the glider on the ground. This system can be disabled by a special switch.

The versatility of this trike makes it its real strength. It is possible to buy the Vertigo without its dedicated cage and mount paramotors from the Fly Products range or from other brands.
Misure 1
The compact measures of this trike make it
one of the best for single seater flights


180 cm


198 cm


180 cm


36 kg with no engine


Aluminium frame with front and rear shock absorber
Comfort seat


Engine type


Vittorazi Moster 185, Cosmos 300, Polini Thor 202, 303
Weight max pilot         


110 kg with Thor 303
Dimension folded


– – –
borsa tel est Xenit

Bag for cage transport

Contenitore emergenza

Rescue container


Rescue system


User manual