Luna is a single-seater and two-seater trike. It looks more like a ULM that has a common Paratrike.
Luna Trike is able to transmit to the pilot and passenger a very special feeling of comfort and freedom.

Sitting comfortably on its seats embedded in the perfectly designed airframe with the innovative
front single-tube system where the pilot is positioned in front and can enjoy great visibility and exceptional control in all take-off flight and landing maneuvers. Stability on the ground and in flight has been achieved by paying close attention to the centering of all weights. The tank is positioned under the passenger with its 52 liters helps stabilize the trike on the various axes transmitting a great safety that turns intopleasure of flight.

It is a working trike suitable for tandem flight to share unique emotions with pilots and friends.
Recommended for intensive use for sightseeing flights.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
We make attention to detail  our strength
Cushioned fork with pedals integrate brake and accelerator. The pedals are adjustable for each rider size.
The damping system is also adjustable and easy maintenance.
The lever system allows easy management of the wing trims by adjusting the angle of incidence across the whole surface of the wing.
This adjustment system allows the speed and trajectory to be set while avoiding the use of brakes for increased comfort especially on long transfers.

The rear wheels can be folded down, reducing space for shipping and transport.
Thanks also to the transport kit, small additional wheels allow easy movement on the ground.

The trike is also equipped with a trailer hitch and bar with rear lights (optional) for road transport.
This system will have to be approved by the customer according to the road regulations of each country.

luna gancio2

582 Clutch
Developed by Fly Products the centrifugal clutch for the 582 engine creates important advantages on several points:
Stationary propeller with engine idling and very low vibration.
Stationary propeller prevents accidental glider inflation.
Smooth rpm delivery from low rpm.
With this version, it is possible to use the WING PROFILE protective hoop without the protective net.

Separate faucet

You no longer have to worry about making the mixture you will put the oil in the oil tank and the gasoline in the tank. This system optimizes oil consumption based on engine rpm. You will no longer have problems with old mixture left in the tank.


Luna with large sand wheels

It can also be equipped with large wheels suitable for takeoff on sandy terrain. However, this type of wheel is not suitable for road use.

Safety and comfort
Emergency ballistic Included
2 Seat belts Included
Wing Included
Front and rear shock absorber Included
Front disc brakes Included
Independent rear suspension Included
ITank 52 Liters Included
IBallistic rescue 475kg Included
IWing profile with clutch only Optional
2 comfort seats Included
Cruise control Included
Cockpit integrated Included
Length 270 cm
Width 191 cm
Height 196 cm
Carbon fender Included
Empty weight: 162 kg
Glider max .: 380 kg weight
Removable cage into three parts Included
Front protection in plexiglass with supports Included
Kit bags complete (5pcs) Included
Option for LUNA
Centrifugal clutch Optional
Transport kit (dolly wheels) Optional
Kit wheels Tundra for sand Optional
Hitch and rear light assembly for road transport Optional

Windshield for protection
during flight


Front fork with double stem


Lateral bag with

windproof zippers


Bag with transparent cover


Unique design
of its kind


Big cockpit for instruments


Trike cover


User manual