Flash Cruiser

The Flash Cruiser is the evolution of its predecessor: the “Trike Flash” the first ever in history of this type of flying sold for more than 30 years crossing two generations of pilots. Sold worldwide.
This trike is aimed at PPG pilots who want comfortable flying with the opportunity for comfortable and safe tandem flights. It is sold without engine and it is possible to apply paramotors from the Fly Products range. It’ s also adapt models from other manufacturers.
This trike has the possibility of being equipped in different ways, first of all, in a single-seater and a two-seater version, it can be provided with various types of harnesses from the most comfortable to the cheapest and lightest. It can be provided, like the bigger trikes, with the A-Assist auto take-off system and the Cokpit with various instruments.
The Flash Cruiser is built of aluminum and steel, by unscrewing a single bolt and by using steel cables it can be folded in a few minutes reducing its size, it can be transported in medium-sized cars.

Weifgt starts from 24.5 kg with two light seater.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
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Flash cruiser in tandem version with paramotor, recommended for all pilots who want to choose their own type of flying without giving up.
From PPG flight with foot launch to flying in a comfortable and safe single-seat trike.
You can then share these feelings with your friends by upgrading to the two-seater version.
Recommended engines are Moster 185 and Polini Thor 202 and Thor 303.
The two-seater kit can be assembled in few minutes thanks to the fork predisposition.
Misure 1


186 cm


177 cm


113 – 138 cm


da 24.5 kg


Aluminium frame with steel cable system and steel cradle


2, you can choose from the light or comfort seat
Engine type


The whole Rider range
Weight max pilot + passenger           


90 + 90 kg with Rider Thor 202
Dimension folded


174 x 68 x 66 cm
The characteristic of this trike is in its simplicity of assembly, disassembly and transport on any car and also, the very low trim which gives great stability during take-off and landing.

Complete cockpit


Cockpit cover


Rescue system

Manuale del TRIKE FLASH in Inglese

User manual