It is the smallest trike in the range, functional and sturdy in its construction. It is sold without engine and it is possible to apply to it the paramotors of the Fly Products range and also to adapt models of other manufacturers. This trike with the use of well sized wheels, suitable for absorbing takeoffs and landings on bumpy terrain conveys a lot of safety. Built of aluminum and steel, the large oval support tube, combined with the cradle that triangulates the trike creates a solid and light structure giving rise to a very nice design opening a new concept among minimal trikes. The take-off is really exciting and you will enjoy it because of its great stability and ground control.
Thanks to steel cables and removable push-pins you won’t have any bolts to remove, it will become very easy to close and thanks to its minimal footprint it can be transported in small cars.

The weight is only 12.5kg.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
We make attention to detail  our strength
This trike is meant for all pilots who want to choose their own type of flying without giving up. From PPG flight with foot takeoff to single-seat trike flight.
To not give up the comfort of trike flying combined with the safety of a wheeled takeoff while not giving up the sporty ride typical of PPG. Easy to open, close and carry for maximum freedom.
With the practical take-away handle, you can charge and discharge it from the car with great ease.

Choose the motorization according to your needs. Vittorazi Atom 80 for those who want a relaxed flight. Vittorazi Moster 185 and Polini Thor 202 for a sportier flight. Double hoop cages are recommended with the Foxy trike.



159 cm


143 cm




12.5 kg


Aluminium frame with steel cable system


Engine type


The whole Rider range
Weigth max pilot


110 kg with Rider Thor 202
Dimensions folded


107 x 57 x 50 cm