Rider Thor 202

The Rider series is the most versatile PPG line available today.
Every improvement on today’s Rider sets a higher standard, and its versatility creates great value.

Its versatility makes it its real strength. It can be installed on multiple Trikes, from the Foxy mini trike to larger Trikes such as the Flash Trike that also allows for tandem flights, and on the Vertigo Trike, a super stable and sturdy single-seater.

The Rider allows all levels to enjoy the freedom of flight, from beginners to world champions.

Dedicated to those who seek power without compromising comfort.

Constructed of aluminum with self-tempering welds for high mechanical strength. Our frame ensures the best weight-to-strength ratio

The weight, ready to fly, start from 30 kg in starter manual version.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
We make attention to detail  our strength
Our ASC distance bars, developed and produced exclusively through the use of the best materials, are tested for a load of 1800 kg each. They were the first to have the possibility of multiple adjustments adaptable to every weight and size from XS to XXL.
Riders of different weights need to adjust the anti-torque system differently.
Disassembly and assembly of the whole system is the easiest and fastest you can find.
Continuous testing by our pilots led to the development of the
best harness available on the market.
Thanks to textile research and PVC seating, it is lightweight and durable. The releases open under tension in an emergency.
Adjustable in every part, it accommodates all pilots, from the smallest to the largest, thanks to its two sizes: Narrow and Wide.

The Rider can fit single and double hoop cages for 125, 130 and 140 cm propellers. This makes it possible for the beginner to use a double hoop cage until he acquires more range in complete safety, he can later change only the outer cage to the lighter and better performing single hoop model. The very easy to tension protective net provides great protection from the propeller.

Special attention was paid to the development of our “React” throttle. The shutdown button is easily accessible when needed, but the shape of the body prevents its accidental shutdowns. Also equipped with a start button where required, it has a convenient mirror to check the remaining range fuel during flight phases. The ergonomics are designed in order to allow constant control of both throttle and glider.

Polini Thor 202 is born from the experience acquired with Thor 200 and from the demand of the market of a powerful and lighter engine that at the same time can grant more thermal stability. The solution adopted by Polini’s technicians to achieve this goal is to use the liquid cooling system, technology that have been tested for many years on Thor 250.

Cycle 2 strokes
Bore for stroke 66 x 60
Displacement 205 cc
Power  33hp at 8.500 rpm
Cooling system Liquid cooled
Starter Flash starter
Clutch Centrifugal in oil bath
Reduction Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,8 reduction ratio
Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
Muffler Expansion with aluminium silencer
Propeller rotation Clockwise
Fuel Unleaded gasoline with 2,5% synthetic oil
Weight 16.8 kg with manual starter
The rider can be flawlessly installed on the Foxy mini trike, Flash Cruiser  and the great Vertigo trike.
It also have a dedicated tandem bar foot-launch kit for the once who want share the passion for flight.

Paramotor cover bag with anti UV cloth


Revolution counter/hours


Fly pocket


Propeller cover

Trolley XL

Trolley for transport


Throttle cover


Harness with lateral rescue.

It’s possible to fit the rescue at right or left side


User manual