Eclipse Moster 185

The Eclipse is the lightest paramotor we’ve ever produced thanks to the use of innovative materials

and construction techniques aimed at reducing weights while maintaining a high standard of safety and reliability.

The Eclipse range is very modular. You can choose the tank capacity and the harness type.

With the Vittorazi Moster 185 is the perfect combination of lightness and power.

The Eclipse Moster won the world championship in PPG in 2022 thanks to our pilot Pasquale Biondo.

The weight of the ready-to-fly paramotor starts at 22.6kg in the manual version.

All our products are Made in Italy,
designed, built and assembled from us.
We make attention to detail  our strength
Our ASC distance bars, developed and produced exclusively through the use of the best materials, are tested for a load of 1800 kg each. They were the first to have the possibility of multiple adjustments adaptable to every weight and size from XS to XXL.
Riders of different weights need to adjust the anti-torque system differently.
Disassembly and assembly of the whole system is the easiest and fastest you can find.
The lightest and comfortable harness of his category, specially designed to ensure the best comfort in flight.
You can also chose the Rider harness that fit on Eclipse thank to a customized system.

An advanced, sporty but very balanced product, able to offer superior performance, perfect both for competitions and for free and adventurous flying.

The Moster 185 is all this and much more. It is the engine that has enabled to achieve the most important objectives over the years,

the engine with which various races and championships have been won, record achieved and the most difficult challenges faced.

Thanks to its quality and technical features, it is the ideal engine to fly in any kind of weather conditions, either extremely hot or cold, still ensuring the maximum resiliency and reliability.

It is also perfect for travelling, thanks to its compact dimensions and ease of transport.

Cycle 2 strokes
Displacement 184,7 cc
Power 25 CV at 7.800 RPM
Air intake Airbox silencer – Diaphragm carburettor – Reed valve intake
Cooling system Air cooled, flow extraction from propeller
Starter Manual 3s (Soft Starter System)
Transmission Poly V-belt system with centrifugal clutch
Reduction 1/2.68 – 1/2.87
Exhaust pipe Ceramic powder coating – Double joint system – “Db-killer” chamber and silencer pipe in carbon fibre
Fuel Unleaded gasoline with 2,0 synthetic oil
Propeller rotation Anticlockwise
Weight 14.2 kg manual starter

Special attention was paid to the development of our “React” throttle. The shutdown button is easily accessible when needed, but the shape of the body prevents its accidental shutdowns. Also equipped with a start button where required, it has a convenient mirror to check the remaining range fuel during flight phases. The ergonomics are designed in order to allow constant control of both throttle and glider.

Eclipse emergenza 1
The container of the emergency light can be mounted in frontal, lateral, to the right or to the left side.
This emergency is particularly light and easy to assemble, designed specifically for the Eclipse model.
Eclipse emergenza 2

Paramotor cover bag with anti UV cloth


Revolution counter/hours


Propeller cover


Trolley for transport


Throttle cover


User manual