Fly Products has always been working alongside flight schools. Our mission is to continually provide innovative material in order to ensure safety and confidence in new pilots entering the world of flying.
Our school products are designed to develop the best PPG and trike feel.

The Rider series can fit single and double hoop cages for 125, 130 and 140 cm propellers. This makes it possible for the beginner to use a double hoop cage until he acquires more range in complete safety, he can later change only the outer cage to the lighter and better performing single hoop model. The very easy to tension protective net provides great protection from the propeller.

For paramotor or light trike flying, we offer the 130 or 140 protection cage, which can be applied to double-hoop cages.

This lightweight and durable cage prevents the accidental dropping of the glider lines into the propeller, without creating discomfort for the student.

Made of aluminum, can be disassembled into 3 parts, it is also ideal for those who need to transport in small spaces.

Scuola 140

For those approaching single trike flying, the Vertigo is the best choice. The very low center of gravity forgives mistakes during takeoff and landing. The special structure of the cradle and the position of the glider attachment point allow this trike to remain firmly on the ground on all three wheels.

We propose the extra protection cage for this trike, which avoids accidents during takeoff or landing and for those who are new to trike avoiding damage to the glider.

The Vertigo is also equipped with a safety system for those approaching trike flying. The lever at the bottom turns off the engine when the trike begins to elevate off the ground; this allows students to focus on controlling the glider on the ground. This system can be disabled by a special switch.


The Xenit, as well as the vertigo can mount the extra protection cage. With this configuration, the student can learn tandem flying without the anxiety of mistakes, thus avoiding ruining the glider.

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