About Us

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We owe our success to the expertise of our highly qualified personnel whose research and development of innovative products have resulted in a technical design that sets us apart from all other small constructors. Fly Products offers a complete line of paramotors and trikes and our website provides aviation pilots with the opportunity of purchasing a line-up of reliable and extremely versatile products. We offer a large range of equipment and accessories that is tested and guaranteed. Our product range includes emergency parachutes, propellers, flight instruments, protection helmets with headsets, flight apparel, accessories and components for engines. All components are tested and inspected for quality at our factory prior to being assembled and then tested again by our pilots during test flights. Only after passing all our tests do we start manufacturing our components in quantity for the market. Our exacting standards of high quality and safety provide our products with the excellence our customers require. From start to finish our products have had hours of work time dedicated to  them. This assures that our customers always receive a product of the highest quality and reliability.



To offer our customers a high quality, easy to use product, whose technical features transmit the pleasant feeling of having made the right choice. A constant reference point for all types of after-sales assistance.